jerry1970 9 January 2017 14:31 #5. Versions. HTML’s built-in input types won’t always meet your needs. In fact, you could watch nonstop for days upon days, and still not see everything! UPDATE [October 2017]: The article refers to Vue 1.x – with version 2, things have slightly changed – I’ve updated the Checkbox section with code working with Vue 2.5.2. These inputs even work with v-model! mycode {{switch_data}} import mdbSwitch from mdbvue; export default { components: { mdbSwitch }, data() { return {switch_data:true} } slot is not working on datatable when i am using fields object. The most concise screencasts for the working developer, updated daily. Problem with VueJS component :is and IE 11. The problem is that the slots are not working at all with fields array on datatable, when i remove fields then it works correctly, only problem is that i am not able to add custom fields, if i use fields array i only get two rows and checkbox and actions not working at all. If you’re not yet familiar with Vue’s components, you can skip this for now. I personally don't think the v-on:event.native modifier gets a big enough mention in the docs. Ajax updates after that to the DOM of the component are not registered by IE 11. To make the model update when the change event occurs, and not any time the user presses a key, you can use v-model.lazy instead of just v.model.. It is not 100% clear from the documentation if this is supposed to work on for checkboxes. If I delete v-model, all work fine, except I don't know in my function, what is options has been selected. After doing both the header and body, only my columns show up. Expected behavior. If I'm use v-model, @change not working. Fortunately, Vue components allow you to build reusable inputs with completely customized behavior. v-model with Components. There's no shortage of content at Laracasts. I guess the problem is from another place, but it’s difficult to track without seeing the code not working. Working with input fields, v-model.trim is useful because it automatically removes whitespace. App.vue

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